For feature requests, discussions and regular assistance, please join our members facebook group here:

NOTE, the facebook group does NOT handle account issues or cancellations or upgrades. (See below). In order to approve your facebook group request, we will strive to match it with your membership as it is a private members only group. However, if you are a member, simply send me a message on facebook and request for me to approve you. (You can see me in the admin of the group).

For cancellations or account access issues, please contact support through the helpdesk below.

Here’s how to contact support:

Please submit a support ticket to our helpdesk. *Please be sure to include your payment receipt/paid from email*.

Yes, that support desk is at our main helpdesk site, createcoolapps. Simply ensure you choose “Other Product Customer” as your membership level, and include TheJournalCreator in your description (for our staff to find it quickly).