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Oops! This Content is Members Only

The content you’re trying to view is for members only.

In order to purchase your membership, please go to http://www.thejournalcreator.com and select the level you wish to purchase.

If you have already paid and need to register, please follow the link from your purchase as it will activate your account immediately upon registration.

At times you may need to click the “Dashboard” or home button to re-log in. Please note, if you are trying to access a members level that you are not registered for, you may need to click on the receipt in order for it to add you to it properly.

If you have paid and have not received your registration or are still having difficulties, please submit a support ticket to our helpdesk. *Please be sure to include your payment receipt/paid from email*.

Yes, that support desk is at our main helpdesk site, createcoolapps. Simply ensure you choose “Other Product Customer” as your membership level, and include TheJournalCreator in your description (for our staff to find it quickly).